About us.

Collect’d was founded in 2018 by serial technology entrepreneurs Adam Kanner and Carl Trudel with the core belief that individuals should be the center of the digital revolution. And that means controlling your personal information.

For 125 years our personal information has been managed in much the same way – by us, with files and folders, whether online or off. But what once was just papers has now exploded into an unmanageable collection of digital files, apps and more. Whether Dropbox, email folders, computer hard drives, digital vaults or simple file cabinets, the burden has remained on each of us to personally manage, update, and stay on top of our personal data.

Collect’d simplifies and automates that effort. In 2022, after 4 years of development, Collect’d was issued two US Patents (#11,494,664 & #11,720,803) for the use of advanced technology like AI to automatically organize information into contextual categories, making it easier for individuals to organize, access and privately share information. The result is that you are your own information hub. Collect’d keeps you firmly in control of your private information, reduces life’s headaches, and keeps you better prepared for unforeseen emergencies and events.

In January of 2023, Collect’d went live on the Apple App Store.

Collect’d is privately funded by individual investors spanning the world of data privacy, fintech and consumer technology as well as the Sixers Innovation Lab and Luma Launch.

Adam Kanner
Adam KannerCo-Founder & CEO
A five-time serial entrepreneur, Adam was most recently co-founder of ScoreBig—a yield management and e-commerce platform for the live entertainment industry—serving as CEO from 2009-2014 then as its chairman until exiting in late 2016.  Prior, he served as VP of relationship marketing and business development for the National Basketball Association, and founded and led several successful venture-backed and privately funded companies. Adam earned an AB and MBA from Harvard.
Carl Trudel
Carl TrudelCo-Founder & CTO
Carl brings over 26 years of experience as a senior technology executive building highly scalable, complex B2C and B2B products most recently as CTO of Soothe, Lightspeed Research (Kantar), and Instantly (exit 2016).  Prior, he served as CTO of Beachmint, SVP of software development at Ticketmaster (a division of Live Nation), and as director of software development for Taleo (IPO 2005). Carl earned degrees in mechanical engineering and computer science from Laval University in Canada.

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