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Patented AI Technology at Collect'd Makes it Easy


Collect’d is a new, patented way to simplify the way you manage, secure and share the information that powers your busy life. From passwords to prescriptions, credit cards and financial accounts, legal documents, membership cards and more – all are organized, connected and available from anywhere and protected with full end-to-end encryption. 

Since our founding in 2018, our mission has been to create the simplest and most secure tools to give individuals control over their personal information and empower them to protect their privacy, reduce life’s headaches and be prepared for unforeseen emergencies and events.

Most of us live in a constant state of flux. Children, pets, aging parents and all the personal details that touch our health, money, home, family and so much more are constantly changing.  

As we get older, life gets more complex and so do the details – from legal documents, financial accounts, health records and insurance policies to IDs, passwords and more.  This complexity clutters our inbox, apps, filing cabinet, safe deposit box, wallet, photos on our phones, glove compartment and sticky notes – and it becomes increasingly impossible to keep up with all the details.  

We try our best by hacking together solutions like Dropbox, Gmail, Excel, Evernote and 1Password that are not built to specifically solve the problem or best to secure our information.  

The result is that our data remains largely unsecured and disorganized. Things consistently fall through the cracks (like a passport expiration date or a car registration renewal) and the burden falls on our shoulders to update everything and make sure our family and advisors have what they need (e.g, tax documents, the wifi password, our will, the kids vaccination records, etc.).

Collect’d solves this problem by bringing all of your personal information together – from IDs to prescriptions, online financial accounts, insurance policies, passwords, legal documents, car registrations, membership and credit cards, coupons and more – all organized by AI, secured with end-to-end encryption and available in an instant from anywhere.

Collect’d is a friend that sweats the details, so you can live life calm, cool and collected.

Collect’d generates revenue from individual subscriptions. Collect’d has no access to any personal information and therefore does not sell personal data or advertisements.

Not at this time. Currently, your private encryption key is generated on your iPhone (Android coming in 2023) and it stays on your device. This key is required to access your information.


Collect’d is end-to-end encrypted and built for privacy from the ground up. Unlike other forms of encryption, end-to-end encryption ensures that hackers, governments and even Collect’d itself have no access to your unencrypted data. The encryption and decryption of information added into Collect’d occurs on your device and everything is secured with a cryptographic lock that only you have the key to open.

In the event of a hack, perpetrators would at best be able to access illegible encrypted data with no way of decrypting it.

Collect’d is secured with end-to-end encryption and although every company is vulnerable to sophisticated hacking, information that is end-to-end encrypted cannot be unlocked without your unique key that is stored locally on your mobile device. This prevents would-be hackers, governments or even Collect’d itself to access unencrypted data.

The only way for hackers to access your private unencrypted data would be for them to physically access/steal your device and somehow bypass your account credentials (password and email) and device security – e.g, private passcode and/or biometric security code (e.g, FaceID or TouchID).

Collect’d does manage a small amount of data that cannot be protected with end-to-end encryption, specifically your contact information (e.g, first & last name, email address and in some cases, phone number when using SMS) which is used exclusively to communicate with you. We never sell and/or use this information for any other purpose. Collect’d uses bank-level security to store this information.

End-to-end encryption is the most secure way to manage and share personal information. End-to-end encryption uses unique private keys (that are stored locally on your device) to unlock your personal information. No one has access to this key other than you – including big tech, telecoms, governments, hackers or even Collect’d.

End-to-end encryption is more secure than other types of encryption (including “bank-level-security” alone) because of its use of private keys that are stored locally on your device to encrypt and decrypt your personal information.

Companies that choose not to use end-to-end encryption do so largely because their business model requires access to your information for some purpose (managing your account, conducting a transaction, advertising, etc.). In almost all cases, your information is still encrypted but they need access to the keys to unlock the encryption when they need access to the data. This is the security issue. Any system that stores both encrypted data and encryption keys runs the risk that a hacker can access these keys and steal your data.

Collect’d generates revenue from subscriptions and has no need or access to personal data. As a result Collect’d can use end-to-end encryption and has no access to your private encryption key. End-to-end encryption not only protects your data, but it also protects your privacy.


Collect’d uses patented technology (that incorporates artificial intelligence, natural language processing and optical character recognition) to extract, classify and automatically organize the information you add. This process enables your information to come to life – reminding you before IDs, policies and documents expire, making it easy to find what you’re looking for (via advanced voice search) and allowing you to privately share (e.g., Collections, Private Network) with others.

Unlike the traditional ‘files and folders’ model of organizing information used by cloud storage and digital vault providers where you name files and organize them yourself, Collect’d views information as objects and organizes them based on their association with other objects. This allows Collect’d and its patented technology to do much of the work of organizing and managing the information for you to provide a simple way to update, access and privately share what you add.

Collect’d has spent years to develop and patent (US Patents #11,494,664 & #11,720,803) technology that uses artificial intelligence to make it easier to organize, manage and share personal information (and it will only get better).

When you add information to your Collect’d library, artificial intelligence automatically identifies what it is, relevant parts are extracted (like an expiration date, address or an account number) and everything is organized into contextual categories to make it easy to access, manage and share.

For example, when you take a SmartScan of your vehicle’s registration, Collect’d automatically identifies it and extracts what’s relevant – such as the owner of the vehicle, the make/model, the VIN and the expiration date of the registration. Collect’d then automatically organizes this information for you into relevant categories, subcategories and Collections (e.g., under Vehicles, Identity and Virtual Wallet) .

Once extracted and organized your information comes to life – reminding you before your registration expires and allowing you to use your voice to search for elements of your registration, such as “What is my VIN number?” or “When does my car registration expire?”

In the coming months, you will be able to share information using these categories (you can already privately share via your Private Network and secure links), making it even easier for your family to manage commonly accessed information and ensure everyone has what they need when they need it regardless of the situation or location.

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