Collect’d has spent years to develop and patent (US Patents #11,494,664 & #11,720,803) technology that uses artificial intelligence to make it easier to organize, manage and share personal information (and it will only get better).

When you add information to your Collect’d library, artificial intelligence automatically identifies what it is, relevant parts are extracted (like an expiration date, address or an account number) and everything is organized into contextual categories to make it easy to access, manage and share.

For example, when you take a SmartScan of your vehicle’s registration, Collect’d automatically identifies it and extracts what’s relevant – such as the owner of the vehicle, the make/model, the VIN and the expiration date of the registration. Collect’d then automatically organizes this information for you into relevant categories, subcategories and Collections (e.g., under Vehicles, Identity and Virtual Wallet) .

Once extracted and organized your information comes to life – reminding you before your registration expires and allowing you to use your voice to search for elements of your registration, such as “What is my VIN number?” or “When does my car registration expire?”

In the coming months, you will be able to share information using these categories (you can already privately share via your Private Network and secure links), making it even easier for your family to manage commonly accessed information and ensure everyone has what they need when they need it regardless of the situation or location.