Most of us live in a constant state of flux. Children, pets, aging parents and all the personal details that touch our health, money, home, family and so much more are constantly changing.  

As we get older, life gets more complex and so do the details – from legal documents, financial accounts, health records and insurance policies to IDs, passwords and more.  This complexity clutters our inbox, apps, filing cabinet, safe deposit box, wallet, photos on our phones, glove compartment and sticky notes – and it becomes increasingly impossible to keep up with all the details.  

We try our best by hacking together solutions like Dropbox, Gmail, Excel, Evernote and 1Password that are not built to specifically solve the problem or best to secure our information.  

The result is that our data remains largely unsecured and disorganized. Things consistently fall through the cracks (like a passport expiration date or a car registration renewal) and the burden falls on our shoulders to update everything and make sure our family and advisors have what they need (e.g, tax documents, the wifi password, our will, the kids vaccination records, etc.).

Collect’d solves this problem by bringing all of your personal information together – from IDs to prescriptions, online financial accounts, insurance policies, passwords, legal documents, car registrations, membership and credit cards, coupons and more – all organized by AI, secured with end-to-end encryption and available in an instant from anywhere.

Collect’d is a friend that sweats the details, so you can live life calm, cool and collected.