End-to-end encryption is more secure than other types of encryption (including “bank-level-security” alone) because of its use of private keys that are stored locally on your device to encrypt and decrypt your personal information.

Companies that choose not to use end-to-end encryption do so largely because their business model requires access to your information for some purpose (managing your account, conducting a transaction, advertising, etc.). In almost all cases, your information is still encrypted but they need access to the keys to unlock the encryption when they need access to the data. This is the security issue. Any system that stores both encrypted data and encryption keys runs the risk that a hacker can access these keys and steal your data.

Collect’d generates revenue from subscriptions and has no need or access to personal data. As a result Collect’d can use end-to-end encryption and has no access to your private encryption key. End-to-end encryption not only protects your data, but it also protects your privacy.